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I tend to say things out loud that I shouldn't hence the URL. I'm an agnostic liberal, and I believe that Mindy Kaling is my patronus. I'm married to my partner in crime; Alex and have a furry son (dog) named Rufio. I'm also obsessed with interior design. You will see many posts about all those things, plus some other fun randomness.
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people get angrier about their tax money going towards helping people than it going towards killing people 

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if you’re ever really sad you should probably go look at cake wrecks. your life won’t improve or anything but you’ll probably be too busy trying to decide why the word “ultrasound” is suddenly so funny to you to remember why you were sad, at least for a little while

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Sam and The Monster

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how do i get this picture of myself tumblr famous

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How wealth is passed on through the generations

You may have seen John Oliver use the lottery to demonstrate how income inequality works, but why has it recently become more of a problem?  UC Berkeley’s Robert Reich talks about how our recent policies around the estate tax have long term consequences:

We’re on the cusp of the largest inter-generational wealth transfer in history. The “self-made” man or woman, the symbol of American meritocracy, is disappearing. Six of today’s ten wealthiest Americans are heirs to prominent fortunes.

Reich has some ideas for solutions to this issue and you can read about them here.

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This reminds me that it’s Alex’s turn to do the dishes. Sorry, no rewards.

This reminds me that it’s Alex’s turn to do the dishes.
Sorry, no rewards.

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This is perfect.


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